Step Back in Time at Wheeler Historic Farm
August 02, 2018

Step Back in Time at Wheeler Historic Farm

Wouldn't it be great to visit a picturesque country ranch filled with cute and domesticated animals? A place where you can get a glimpse of good old-fashioned farm life? If you are nodding your head vigorously in affirmation, then you are in luck! Located minutes away from our apartments in Midvale, Wheeler Historic Farm is a 'working farm' showcasing a variety of artifacts and educational pieces associated with Utah's agricultural history.

Milk the Cows & Churn the Butter!

You don't need a time machine to reverse the course of time in order to enjoy antiquated farm activities. All you need to do is take part in Wheeler's cow milking & butter making demonstrations, ride a wagon and watch a blacksmith do his job! That's right! Salt Lake City County offers many fun and educational farming programs for youth and adults at Wheeler's farm. Kids enjoy performing a variety of farm-related activities and being up close and personal with farm animals.

Pose & Party!

This expansive and gorgeous farm was restored by Salt Lake City County in 1974 as an Agricultural Museum and outdoor recreational site. More than 75 acres of a serene landscape filled with historic buildings make this farm a very popular location for capturing life through photography. Professional photographers are requested to pay $10 per outdoor photo shoot. This is also a very popular location to host company events, engagement parties, family reunions, and picnics. If needed, caterer and decor recommendations are provided by the staff.

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